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.:Caaskyla Project Model:. *-Caasky Waterfall-* by Haruna-Neko
.:Caaskyla Project Model:. *-Caasky Waterfall-*
Caasky Waterfall -Dress-


Nombre: Caasky
Apellido: Waterfall

Descripción del personaje:

Color Representativo: Azul Celeste.
Es de cabello medio de tono azul celeste. Sus ojos son de un tono natural azul claro, tienen un brillo especial. Es de una tez clara y muy delicada.

Aún no tengo del todo escrito la historia de ella, solo puedo decir que Caasky es lo mismo que Emily, son la misma persona xD
Podría decirse que Emily se vuelve "Caasky" en un mundo paralelo, o en algún otro mundo (Perdón por no dar mas detalle D; es que la historia aún esta en proceso xD) Lo que puedo decirles es que Caasky es la representación de los sueños y vivencias de Emily.

Model Credits:

Pose By: :iconcreepy-ru:
Base By: :iconyamisweet:
Hair By: :icontehrainbowllama:
Eye texture by: :iconelviramoa:
Dress By: :iconmilionna:
SPA texture Magnifiquen By: :iconrozelia:
Heels By: :iconartemis129:

Personaje del Caaskyla project, pertenece al :iconcaaskyla: Team. Personaje creado por: :iconharuna-neko:
Look The Sky! Cap. 7 by Haruna-Neko
Look The Sky! Cap. 7
Yeah :D Aquí esta el capítulo 7 (Por fin...)
Model: VY1 By: :iconooichibioo:

Cap. 7:

Extras utilizados en la escena de Meiko: (3:28)

Lelouch By: ?????? *IDK ;_;*
Draw whit me male By: :iconxcherryspirit:
Francesca_MMD By :iconchancelle:
Kitano Kamui By: :iconorahi-shiro:
Minami in Crimrose Outfit By: :iconi-am-kayoy:
Usui Takumi By: :icontobiiiias:
Tai By: Angel Cat
Kaname By: :iconxxsnowcherryxx:
Poniko By: :iconakemiwhy:

Extras en la escena de Rin: (5:25)

PSP Control By: :iconayumichigolove:

Extras en la escena de Momo: (6:40)

Samsung Galaxy By: :iconmeltaisu:

Tagged by :iconlucysblood:

- Rules - 

1. You must post the rules. 

2. Each person must say 5 things about themselves in their journal. 

3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer. 

4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal. 

5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them. 

6. No tag backs.

7. No stuff in the tagging section about "You're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

.:Sorry for my bad English uwu!:.

*5 Things about me.

(I already do this xD but in spanish...)

1.- When I see the first star in the sky, I make a wish uwu

2.- When I cry, I never make a sound, I don’t even wipe.

3.- I like tap the cheeks of my friends ;w; (?)

4.- I’m really shy and the “kuudere” type in the real life…

5.- I want to be a Mangaka someday  q.q or a Seiiyu

*How many blankets do you sleep with?
R.- Uh, well… I have a blanket of Pokémon e.e(?) And it’s very warm! *-* (So, just 1 xD)

*Do you have siblings? Is it a good or bad relation ship?
R.- Nah, I am the only daughter my mom has xD ewe

*Ever dyed your hair?
R.- Nope, but I want to ;A;

*Ever see the ocean?
R.- Yeah XD Every time! I like the sea but I feel melancholic when I keep seeing it (And IDK WHY D:!)

*-My questions-*

1.-What’s your favorite Vocaloid song? (If you don’t have one, search! D:< (¿) xD)
2.- Hmm… Tell me a story :D (?)
3.- The Day or the Night? The Sun, the colds, the moon or the stars? Why?
4.- Do you have a special thing for you? (Material, experience, memories, etc.)
5.- Fairys or Mermaids? Why?


Tagged (Sorry people uwu)

:iconlovercathy: (lo siento ;w; XD)
:iconelledays: (?)
:iconarantxacosplayer: (Lo siento D: Me quedo sin gente que poner(?) e_é)

  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Sayonara Memories *Supercell*
  • Reading: The tag :'D (?)
  • Watching: ewe
  • Playing: :'3
  • Eating: I'm hungry ;A;
  • Drinking: nothing!


Haruna-Neko's Profile Picture
Furukawa Yoko
Nombre Real: Emily ewe
Nombre Otaku: Haruna/ Yami/ Lala/ Yoko/ Neko/ Shizuka :33 (?
Edad: hmm~ 14? xD Yeah! (?
Item: Chocolate *_* e.e Vaio (? un Xperia Play y una memoria externa de 500 GB xD
Vocaloids Favoritos: Miku, Rin y Len <3 , Luka, Kaito; Akaito y Taito** , Aoki, SeeU, Yukari, Haku, Rei y Rui :33
Mejor amiga en el Deviantart: VocaloidxMMDMiku y/o VocaloidxMMDSeeU ^^
Color Favorito: Vintage (? Rojo vino w e.e Azul y morado :33
Gustos: Escribir historias, dibujar, Descargar models MMD ^^ y todo lo que tenga que ver con el chocolate :dummy:
Idioma: Spanglish eww (?)

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